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Frequently Asked Questions2021-05-06T03:24:38-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

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Refund Policy2022-09-22T17:36:31-05:00

Refunds can be issued if you cancel 30 days before your event, however the $100 deposit is non-refundable.

Can we decorate the letters?2021-08-02T22:01:55-05:00

YES! We would love to work with all vendors! You can attach balloons, florals, etc, but must be approved! Please let us know your plans so we can make your events perfect!

Do you offer a customer pick-up option?2021-08-02T22:00:21-05:00

No. Our marquee lights are custom and are heavy and that could potentially be a safety hazard when lifting and transporting.

Day of planning?2021-08-02T21:58:49-05:00

We’ll coordinate with you and your venue to develop a plan of action on the day of your event. Some venues like us to set up in the morning, some like us to arrive an hour before your event. Don’t worry! We’ll handle all of the communication and keep you in the loop. 

What if I need to reschedule or the weather is non-permitting?2021-08-02T21:57:46-05:00

We do require the client to have a backup indoor area. If paid in full and needing to reschedule, we offer a complimentary reschedule within 90 days. Refunds will not be issued for any weather related issues (wind, snow, rain) if there is no indoor backup venue on contract. Please note, all deposits are non-refundable. 

Can the lights be used outdoors?2021-08-02T21:56:52-05:00

Yes, with the exception of high wind, rain, or snow.  All situations will be reviewed for approval. We require the client to have a backup indoor area if the original outdoor area is not approved or if weather does not permit.

Do the marquee lights require access to a special type of outlet/voltage?2021-08-02T21:58:09-05:00

No, the marquee lights require access to a standard 3 prong outlet. 9 or More letters require 2 standard power outlets on separate circuits. We are not responsible for insufficient, damaged, or broken power sources from your venue, home, or building. The source must be tested and approved prior to your event. 

How much of a deposit/reservation fee do you require?2021-08-02T21:59:33-05:00

We require a non-refundable $100 payment for deposit. The remaining balance is due two week prior to the event date. We’ll start working with your venue to ensure that we have all required paperwork and insurances in place before your event. 


How far do you travel?2022-09-22T17:31:29-05:00

We provide lights to Victoria Tx and its surrounding areas. Delivery is included with the price if event is within Victoria Tx city limits. A fee will be added if drop off location is outside of the city limits. 

Do you offer a customer pickup option?2021-05-06T04:51:42-05:00

No. Our marquee lights are custom and are heavy and that could potentially be a safety hazard when lifting and transporting.

How tall are the marquee lights?2021-08-02T22:00:40-05:00

Our Letters are 3 ft tall, 6 inches deep, and range from 1.5-3 ft wide. Our Number are 4ft tall, 8 inches deep and range from 2-2.5 wide.  Our symbols: ?,#,& <3- are 3 ft tall and range from 1.5 to 3 ft wide. Our mini letters: THE, C are 18 in tall. 

What’s included in our rental order?2021-08-02T22:01:14-05:00

Your rental includes use of your marquee lights for up to 12 hours. We will deliver, setup and breakdown our lights within the agreed upon contracted schedule. We will provide the extension cords, tape to tape down extensions and a rack for two level displays (if ordered). The letter or number set up can not be moved after Bright Events team has set up for safety purposes.

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